Overview of the specialty of Chronic Pain Management:

The specialty chronic pain management is one of the most important medical specialties in the past twenty years due to the important negative economic and social repercussions, in addition to the fact that pain is the second cause that leads to seeing a doctor (the first reason is cold symptoms).

The pain clinic became profoundly a major part of one of most hospitals settings in the modern and advanced medical system.

The clinic services cover a very wide range of medical issues from head to toe. For example: headache in its various forms, spine pain, disc problems, fractures of the spine, spinal cord injuries, nerves injuries or Prof after a certain accident or surgical work, or as a result of diabetes, radial or chemical treatment in the course of treating various cancer tumors, pelvic pain in both genders.

Treatment methods range from simple (medications, steroids injection, nerve ablation) to the most advanced such as (lysis of adhesions around the nerves, dilation of the spinal canal, morphine pumps or spinal cord implants, Kyphoplasty, Discs regenerative therapy ..).

Finally, it should be noted that the pain management physician works in close partnership with fellow doctors in all specialties (general surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, gynecology, internal neurology, radiology, oncology , physical therapy) to reach the best and surest medical results, as the goal remains always focused on the best outcome!